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Ten natural remedies for cold and cough in children

Ten natural remedies for treating cold and cough symptoms in toddlers, especially those under 2, to give them and you much needed relief and sleep.

[Day 31] What writing everyday for 31 days has taught me

I am inspired and relieved as I ring in the final post in the October Walk With Me Challenge. I recount some valuable lessons I learnt over the last month.

[Day 30] Looking back

As the year end draws closer, it is time to reassess my goals for Mindful Ecoliving and set the 2019 vision for the blog!

[Day 29] My love hate relationship with bullet journal

I love loving the bullet journal. But is it really right for me? I am going to take time this Novemeber to explore a bujo system that works for me.

[Day 28] Slippery Sundays that unravel the week

Sundays set the mood for the coming week and so I try to make my Sundays as relaxed as possible. Unfortunately, not every day can be a win.

[Day 27] What went wrong with synchronized time management

After nearly a week of trying synchronized time management, here is one of the main things I will change going forward next week.

[Day 26] EU approves ban on single use plastics

This week environmentalist and zero wasters everywhere celebrated as EU, in an unprecedented move, approved a ban on many single use plastics by 2021.

[Day 25] Car wars: Space vs. Sustainability

Our decision to buy a new car led us into a space vs. sustainability dilemma. The decision tested my commitment to the mindful ecoliving cause.

[Day 24] Refuse plastic, save our seas

Plastic pollution is responsible for the death and even extinction of several species. Here are a five ways you can refuse plastics from today.

[Day 23] Synchronized time management

Recent changes in Ira’s schedule put my husband and me in a more dependent relationship than before calling us to be creative with our time management.

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