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Day 12: Communities have to be created

President Obama’s words about the efforts needed to develop communities provided me with a much needed validation for my choice of doctoral work.

Day 11: Why is child care so important to achieve the objectives of International Day of the Girl Child?

UNICEF’s Day of the Girl aims to increase the participation of women in the workforce. Access to quality and affordable child care is germane to this issue.

Day 10: Me Too

Sexual misconduct and assault are more common that you think. This is my story. Yes, me too.

Day 9: My daughter called me Aai!

My daughter called me Aai, that’s mom in Marathi!

Day 8: Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Why is it so important to replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day? How does this symbolic gesture set history right?

Day 7: A weekend that wasn’t

This weekend slipped away from us as we tackled my daughter’s progressively worsening cough. But her resilience took her and us a long way.

Day 6: Water efficiency in the shower

Water efficiency is sometimes the last thing on your mind when it is cold and you are craving for a hot shower. But a little thought can go a long way.

Day 5: On Opportunities

A lazy Friday night netflix watch inspired me to change my paradigm and view my challenges as opportunities for personal growth.

Day 4: Showing up can make all the difference

A meeting with a hearing officer for a speeding ticket taught me an important lesson about showing up no matter how tough or trivial the situation seems.

Day 3: What quitting caffeine taught me about myself

Quitting a long time habit can be difficult but very rewarding. Here are a few things I learnt about life by quitting caffeine.

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